Subject Re: [IBO] Threaded Query
Author Daniel Rail

At April 18, 2005, 18:56, Matt Nielsen wrote:

> I may be out in left field but here goes.

> I want to have a application that has a single IB_Connection a single
> query created inside a thread. I am doing this in a test mode.
> Bacically the thread execute creates a data module and then executes
> a query on that datamodule. The IB_Connection is set and everything
> works fine as long as only one thread is running, but if I launch
> mutiple threads then I get an error: "Error reading data from the
> connection"

You have to have one TIB_Connection per thread. It's mainly due to the
client library, not IBO. I think(unsure though) the latest Interbase
version has a thread-safe blient library, but the other versions are
not. And, Firebird's client library isn't thread-safe, but it is being
talked about for a future version(which one? I don't know).

Also, you mention the error message, but what is the error code? That
should help in determining if it is IBO or the client library.

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