Subject RE: [IBO] Date troubles
Author Jason Wharton
There's got to be more to this.
Are you using mask edits or formatting?
Would you provide a sample app I can look at?


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> Subject: [IBO] Date troubles
> I have a form with some edit controls and a TIB_Date control.
> If I call
> Abort() in my CursorBeforePost() event, all the date controls display
> dates incorrectly afterwards. 1/1/1999 becomes 12/31/1998 and the
> calendar control shows 2,2,4,4,5,7,7,9,9,11,12,12... for the days of
> the month. Apparently it is a display problem only, because if I
> restart my program everything is normal. I'm using IBObjects 4.5Ai
> Am I doing something wrong?