Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Connection.SchemaCacheDir Exception
Author Ed Dressel
Thanks Helen.

> 1. Do you see any exception message in the application if you choose
> Run to continue?


> 2. What happens when you run the app outside the IDE?

no visible exception.

> I ask this because, AFAIR, the exception is deliberate - if
> IBO$SCHEMA_VERSION doesn't exist, i.e. the exception occurs, then
> IBO handles the exception by proceeding to create it and populate
> the table, before going on to create the cache files.

2 things:

(1) And I understand that the exception is what IBO does, was just
curious if there was a way to keep the schema cache on and not get the
exception in the IDE. (I did turn off catching ISCError exceptions in
the IDE but that did most/all of the IBO exceptions and that is not
what I wanted).

(2) Should I add a table IBO$SCHEMA_VERSION to my table--would that
fix it? And if so (I don't mind doing that) what is it's structure (a
scrip would be fine).

Thank you.

Ed Dressel