Subject Re: [IBO] Installation of IB04_5_B_Full
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:51 AM 13/04/2005 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi all,
>I just downloaded the fIB04_5_B_Full.exe file.
>I uninstalled the previous version, deleted the BPL files and then
>installed the new version into Delphi 6. Unfortunately, the
>installation program leaves several palettes empty (the one I noticed
>immediately was IBOBars). I went back and re-installed the Ai version
>and everything was OK.
>Is there a problem, or am I doing someting wrong?

Yes, there's a problem.

For now you need to use the "..Raw.." kit, which is a zip-up of all
sources. You'll need to start over with a clean install. You should unzip
that kit to your IBO folder "using folders". Use the HowToInstall.txt as a
guide, with the appropriate .BPG file for your Delphi version.

*Before* you do that, you will need to edit some pieces, as follows (this
was provided by Salvatore Besso last week, and it works):

1. Rename the Zlib.pas file to something else, for example IBO_Zlib.pas
(remember to open the unit and change the "unit" declaration!)
2. Change the corresponding declaration in the uses clause of
IB_OleContainer.pas that is the only file to use it
3. Change the declaration in the contains section of IBO40VRT_Xx.dpk packages.