Subject Re: Attn Luc: Re: [IBO] limit input in a grid
Author Lucas Franzen

> For me - I don't understand what's being asked in the second paragraph. If
> you do - could you answer it?

no, I didn't catch the problem either.
Not because of the problem itself but from the fact that entering data
in a grid like using it as a "bunch of edit controls surrounded by
nicely arranged other records" is not what I'm the right for to answer ;-)

In fact this is exactly the kind of inserting / editing records as I was
asked by almost anyone that I taught/helped using IBO how to achieve
things like this with an IB_Grid and my only answer was: "Don't do it!"

Which ended up - how?
Of course everyone spent hours, weeks, months in trying to do so ("But
in paradox we could, too")...


so after your nice ascii-art I do understand your problem but can't be
of any help, BUT telling you not to do so.

Grids are for browsing, maybe entering some lookup-values...

At least this is valid for me.