Subject Re: [IBO] Find out Firebird Server-Version withour database-file
Author Geoff Worboys
>> Is it possible to find out the server-version without
>> haveing a database-file?

> security.fdb will exist if Firebird 1.5 has been installed.
> You just need to know where it is. But if the site has
> changed the password for SYSDBA even that will not help.
> At least you can try and connect and handle the errors ;)

There is even a GetISC4Path function (see TIB_Session) to
let you get the path to the security databse. However...

Important additional note in regard to FB v2.0. From the
v2 Alpha release notes: "The server now rejects any access
to security2.fdb except through the Services Manager."

So the approach of using the security database will not
work from v2 onwards.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing