Subject Re: TIB_Script
Author Shaq
Since I am dynamically creating the script object it has its default
values. My code is basically the following:

Transacion.Autocommit := False;
Transaction.ServerAutoCommit := False;
if not InTransaction then StartTransaction;

I have a flag in the Script.OnError event letting me know that an
error occurred.

Its seems pretty straight forward. I don't know what other properties
to check.


--- In, "Shaq" <shaq@b...> wrote:
> I am creating a TIB_Script object dynamically. Then generating the sql
> for the script. When I launch the script it will report an update
> conflict (which would happen sometimes in my situation). An exception
> occurs and the transaction is rolled back. I am controlling the
> transactions myself.
> The problem is that part of the script prior to the deadlock always
> gets processed. I am not sure why since I call the rollback.
> I know that I am probably missing some kind of setting or something
> but I can't figure out what it is.
> -Shaq