Subject Re: [IBO] Client library mystery
Author Daniel Rail

At April 5, 2005, 07:23, willy_metra wrote:

> I do NOT interchange these dbs! Absolutely NOT!

> I have to run several apps (each app access only ONE! database)
> accessing InterBase or FireBird (separately) on one machine.

If Interbase and Firebird are both installed on the same machine, make
sure that Firebird is not using TCP/IP port 3050. Since Interbase will
already be using it.

And, if the applications, Interbase and Firebird are all running on
the same machine, make sure that you are connecting using TCP/IP and
not the local connection (TIB_Connection.Protocol:=cpLocal). Because
this might cause a conflict between Interbase and Firebird.

>> Alternatively, have your on-site installer install the correct
>> client version into the system32 directory. Always check the
>> property sheet of your gds32.dll file to verify that you have the
>> correct version for the server.

> You mean to check and if needed to overwite, client library in system
> every application start-up, please?

I would simply make sure that no client library is installed in
Windows' System32 folder. This will force the usage of the library
that is installed in the application's folder.

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