Subject Re: [IBO] Client library mystery
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:01 AM 5/04/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>i would like to ask someone kind for a help, please.
>(i'm sorry for my, may-be, newbie question)
>I tried to rewrite my db app from IBX&IB6 to famous IBO&FB1.5.
>I think IBO works with with both db engines, InterBase and FireBird,


>1. Do i have to specify in IBO what engine i'm using, please?
>If so how to do that, please?

No. IBO needs to know whether it is attaching to Firebird 1.5 (or higher)
because of an old InterBase/Firebird 1.0 bug that IBO works around. From
IBO 4.3A onward, IBO does this detection automatically. If you are using
Firebird 1.5, you should upgrade IBO. When using an older version of IBO,
you should set the parameter OldParameterOrdering in firebird.conf to 1 and
uncomment it.

>2. I have to keep access to both (IB, FB) db engines. Someone kind,
>in this group, helped me with deploying client library. Told me, that
>there's preferred client (gds32.dll) library in app path, instead of
>the one placed in system directory. So i have one IB library in system
>and FireBird one in app path, and here comes the mystery:
>Everything goes fine, except i have installed IB7 engine on the
>machine, then firebird library won't run from app path and even from
>system path.

IBO can work with the Firebird 1.5 client library (named fbclient.dll, but
you can rename it to gds32.dll) or with an InterBase client
library. Certainly, one solution for deployment is to deploy your
application with the correct client library in the application directory.
Alternatively, have your on-site installer install the correct client
version into the system32 directory. Always check the property sheet of
your gds32.dll file to verify that you have the correct version for the server.

What you should NOT do is deploy the InterBase client library to a site
that is running the Firebird server, nor deploy the Firebird client library
to a site that is running the InterBase 7 server.

Another place where you need to take great care is in the SQL used in your
application code. Firebird does not recognise some of InterBase 7's SQL
and IB 7 doesn't recognise some of Firebird's SQL.

And never try to open an IB 7 production database in a Firebird server, or
a Firebird 1.5 production database in an IB 7 server.