Subject RE: [IBO] [Fwd: Page size setting]
Author Jason Wharton
Keep in mind there is a CreateDatabase method that uses the PageSize
setting. I don't believe setting the PageSize property will influence
anything when just connecting to the database. To redo the page size of
your database you would need (for sure want) to do a backup and then restore
using the new page size.

You would then want to take this new page size into consideration for all of
the other settings that take this factor into consideration.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] [Fwd: Page size setting]
> Hi
> I am still struggling to understand the importance of the page size
> setting in the IBO connection components. If I try to use a database
> with a different page size setting to that in my components,
> what will
> happen?
> Assuming users can change the page size and it is important that the
> components have settings that match the database settings,
> how should I
> best determine these settings (before connecting)?