Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird Buffer size
Author Jason Wharton
Yes, it is possible by messing around with the DPB (database parameter
buffers) when connecting via the API. That is what the gfix tool does. I
don't specifically recall exactly where I made these available via
TIB_Connection but for sure there is an event to customize them and plug
them into the buffer sent to the API when calling the connect API call.

I want to say, however, that I discourage this. I believe it is best to
separate administration functions from application functions. If you embed
it in your application EXE then if you make an administrative change you
will have to re-deploy a new application or in some way be dependant upon
your application to mess with this.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Firebird Buffer size
> Hi
> Is it possible, with the IBObjects components, to set the #
> of buffers
> similar to the gfix command (gfix -buffers n Database_name)?
> We would
> like our application to control the database cache size.
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