Subject Re: [IBO] KeyDescLinks prevents OnDataChange from firing
Author Lester Caine
Guido Klapperich wrote:

>>What this means is you only want a single event notification if field
>>change(s) take place and so if multiple fields were changed then instead of
>>sending a pointer to a field object it just sends a nil because there isn't
>>a way to distinguish each of them in a single event invocation.
> It's not clear to me, why only want a single event invocation? When two
> fields changed, why should the event not fire two times?

OnDataChange indicates that there has been a change in the data. If the
table consists of 200 fields and all have been changed would you expect
200 events? Personally I think one is the correct result.

> BTW, it would be very helpful, when this behavior is mentioned in the
> help file.

Probably, but for many of us this has always been how things work so you
tend to forget what is and is not in the help - until prompted ;)

Lester Caine
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