Subject RE: [IBO] KeyDescLinks prevents OnDataChange from firing
Author Jason Wharton
If you are concerned about a particular column being changed perhaps you can
test the IsModified property of that specific field. You won't know if it
was just changed, but you would know if it weren't. There are also events
in the fields that tell you if and when they change you could use too.


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> Subject: RE: [IBO] KeyDescLinks prevents OnDataChange from firing
> What this means is you only want a single event notification if field
> change(s) take place and so if multiple fields were changed
> then instead of
> sending a pointer to a field object it just sends a nil
> because there isn't
> a way to distinguish each of them in a single event
> invocation. I remember
> really working on this quite a bit and I know there is an
> important reason I
> have it the way I do. Is there a way you can do what you
> need to do with it
> the way I have it?
> Jason