Subject Re: [IBO] Master-Detail dillemas with TIBO*
Author Daniel Rail

At March 10, 2005, 06:58, Eyal wrote:

>> from Delphi's TQuery. That's the help you should look at -- albeit
>> Borland's helpfile on this issue is minimal.

> Borland's help isn't only minimal but also badly written in general.
> It usually explains what, but not how and why.

In Delphi's help, first look in the "Developing Database Applications"
section for the "Understanding datasets" subsection, and in there look
for "Establishing master/detail relationships using parameters". In
that help article, you should find the information that you are
looking for.

But, here are the main points to keep in mind:
1- Make sure your master TIBOQuery(or TIBOTable) has a TDatasource
attached to it.
2- Make sure your detail TIBOQuery's parameters names match the field
names in the master TIBOQuery(or TIBOTable).
3- Assign the master's TDatasource to the details TIBOQuery.Datasource
property. This will cause the detail query to get the query parameter
values from the master dataset by looking up the field names that
match the parameter names.

And, that's all you need to do to create a master/detail relationship
between two datasets, where the detail dataset is a query.

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