Subject Re: [IBO] IOBQuery
Author Lester Caine
Robert martin wrote:

> Am I right in saying that when a query is run only a certain amount of
> data is transfered from the client machine to the server? Is this
> configurable, if so where?

As long as you do not have 'FetchAll' set then yes.

> I have a query that returns 100,000 + records but normally only the
> first 100 or so would be of any interest.

It depends on what you are doing, if you only display the first 10 or so
records, then scroll down a few pages, then only those records will be
pulled in. But if you do something that needs to see all the records ...

If you know you only want a subset of data, then the SELECT FIRST X SKIP
Y can still be slotted in, but in simple cases, IBO will take care of

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services