Subject Re: [IBO] Unloading gds32.dll problem
Author Lester Caine
dmarmur2002 wrote:

> I dont know when this started. When I connect to a database the
> application takes ages to stop running in the IDE after normal
> shutdown. I checked it stand alone and it resides in memory (task
> manager) a long while after shutdown.

I have to admit to seeing the same sort of thing, in Builder builds.
But not on every system. SOME machines are slow closing the application,
others are not. It has not been a problem since the machines normally
run all day, and the application just gets killed at home time, but the
machine is left running, so the user does not need to worry about waiting.

I have not bothered to look and see where the hold up is, but it is
probably waiting for the same sort of thing and I was wondering if it
was connected with multiple uses of a library. If I run IB_SQL to check
things, the main applications can take longer to complete operations,
but I have not been able to pin anything down on that. It is obviously
something waiting for a timeout from windows.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services