Subject [IBO] IBO and TRichview - is it working with IBO native DB access?
Author G. Nau
Go it.
Hmmm, it's better than the standard RichEditor, but
TRichView(.com) is much more like an integrated wordprocessing.
I'd like to use that if possible. I've tested TRichView with Tdataset
DB access and it works. But then I'll have to use a mix of IBO native
and TDataset components on a number of forms, which is not
something I'd like to do.
So I'm looking for a wrapper or adapted TRichView, which might get
it linked to native IBO db components. Maybe somewhere here in
the mailing has already a solution available .... ?


Am 3 Mar 2005 um 21:54 hat Lester Caine geschrieben:

> G. Nau wrote:
> > I'd like to replace the native TIB_RichEdit with the Trichview
> > ( version.
> > But TRichview is "only" supporting TDataset compatible DB access.
> > My application is running fine with native IBO components and I'd
> > like to keep it this way and don't trick around with parallel native &
> > TDataset compatible controls.
> > Is there a IBO native TRichView/TRichViewEdit component available
> > (or maybe a wrapper for extend it for IBO native component use).
> I use TIB_MenuedRichEdit (I think it's in AddOn subdirectory), but have
> to use the TDataset to access DBPlanner. There is no problem just adding
> a TIBOQuery and TDataSource linked to your existing TIB_Connection, to
> use the TDataset stuff.
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