Subject Re: [IBO] Installing with D2005
Author Helen Borrie

At 04:19 PM 1/03/2005 +0100, you wrote:

>To summarize, I've got :
>- design-time BPLs in C:\Windows\System32\$(PROJECTSDIR)\Bpl,
>- runtime BPLs in C:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\3.0\Bin,
>- all the BPLs (runtime and design-time) in the $(PROJECTSDIR)\Bpl folder
>- sources in C:\IBO45
>- all these path are configured in the "Library Path"

You did not do a clean install. You have some leftovers from your previous
unsuccessful installs with the eval version.

You need to start again with a clean install.

1) remove any IBO packages that are in the Install Components... list
2) delete ALL of the IBO BPLs completely, from *everywhere*.
3) delete the entire IBO root directory
4) KEEP the library paths that you have added but do not create a new IBO
root directory.
5) Shut down Delphi.

Now, go to the Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, and select to Remove
IBO. It will give you some error messages, but run it anyway.

Now, run the installer again, making sure that you tell it to use the IBO
root that you have already specified in the library path.

When it has finished, start Delphi and check that the components are there.

Unfortunately, these "lost path problems" are typical of new Delphi
releases. Sometimes they get fixed (as in the upgrade packs of Delphi 6
and 7), sometimes Borland just ignores them (as in the cases of Delphi 4
and all versions of Kylix).

If all else fails, you can go to the Environment Variables tab in
Tools|Environment Options and create an override to the system path. But
--- try a clean install FIRST.