Subject Re: [IBO] FOR UPDATE ????
Author cgar1136
Hi Helen...

> Well, sure, but reordering buffers with huge sets eats a lot of
> period. It is much more efficient to cleanly requery the database
to get a
> fresh ordering. Grouped reports are trickier, of course, because most
> report tools need to have everything in the buffer.

Yes I agree with you in that... but just by that reason i would like
to can resort the data on the IBODataset...

If my query is readonly, i mean it's not a live update query, its just
the source for a report or chart... bring to the client a large
quantity of data takes time and traffic and in the most of the cases
the data are the same just change the order of the records, that
re-arrange* of records could i just make it in the client side and not
overcharge the network traffic with the same data that i'd asked once.

If i need to reorder the records over a calculated field that i add at
the client side i can't do it as i know... if there is a way please
tell me because this is mainly mi big problem.

Thanx in advance Helen and congratulations for your contributions to
the Firebird world =:-)