Subject Re: [IBO] AV in trying to connect
Author Ed Dressel
Thanks for the response!

> Do they have
> (a) Winsock 2 installed (Win 95 Plus! pack) ?

is there an easy way to determine this?

> (b) The server's host name and *correct* Lan node IP address defined
> in their Hosts file?

should have mentioned, this is FB 1.5 embedded and using cpLocal protocal.

> (c) Client library version matching server version?
> (d) The system library msvcrt.dll in the system directory ?
> (e) If using Firebird 1.5, msvcp60.dll in the system directory ?

it should be installed--I install both into my application directory
on all Win 9x machines.

So it looks like (a) is the onely one--but is it required with 'local'?