Subject Re: [IBO] Very strange error in IBOQuery
Author Lester Caine
fowlertrainer wrote:

> Sorry for some off, but that is funny. We talking in english in this
> forum.
> Two hungarians, but we need to use english language... :-)
> Bocsi az offe'rt, de ez vicces. Angolul besze'lu:nk ezen a fo'rumon.
> Ke't magyar, de angolt kell hasznalni... :-)

But then us linguistic illiterates can't help ;)

p.s. I think you just need an 'Unprepare' before loading an incompatible
SQL in. If I remember correctly, then changes to the filtering of
records does not break the prepared statement, so the Param elements can
be maintained. Since these changes are being missed, I suspect that it
just needs some help in resetting cached information.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services