Subject RE: [IBO] Bug with .Locate
Author Jason Wharton
Here is the fix to IBODataset.pas:

function TIBODataset.LocateRecord( const AKeyFields: string;
const AKeyValues: Variant;
AOptions: TLocateOptions;
SyncCursor: boolean;
LocateNearest: boolean ): boolean;
CheckBrowseMode; // Add this line of code here in place of CheckActive.
Result := InternalDataset.LocateRecord( AKeyFields,
TIB_LocateOptions( AOptions ),
LocateNearest );
if Result then

Jason Wharton

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> From: Ed Dressel [mailto:dressel@...]
> Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 9:19 AM
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> Subject: [IBO] Bug with .Locate
> I am seeing a bug in a m/d relationship with .Locate is called by the
> master grid--appended records of the detail dataset are not posted
> when a .Locate is called. (If a .MoveBy is called, the appended record
> in the detail dataset is saved).
> I created a Delphi demo program that reproduces this problem at:
> It's pretty simple to reproduce with instructions in the form. If
> someone could confirm that they see it as well, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks
> Ed Dressel