Subject Re: TIB_Cursor Commits
Author Rick Roen
My uneducated guess is that this has something to do with your
transaction - be it explicit or the default transaction that is
created by the TIB_Connection.

Check your "Isolation" setting and change to tiCommitted and see if
this helps. I think the latest version of IBO just changed from a
default of something else to tiCommitted because of the problems it

Also, read about the Isolation settings in the IBO help - this is an
important topic to understand.


--- In, "Bill Gage" <wcgage@y...> wrote:
> Is there some special rules to follow when using the TIB_Cursor
> editing the current record and posting the changes.
> This is what I am running into.
> I open my SQL query using a TIB_Cursor.
> before I edit the record I start a transaction,
> set the cursor into Edit mode,
> make my changes
> Post the changes
> commit the transaction
> while still using the current record, I try doing the above again
> and I get the following error
> deadlock
> update conflicts with concurrent update
> How can I prevent this from happening?
> Bill