Subject [IBO] IB_Edit- no "Delete" key function, no insert/overwrite mode?
Author G. Nau
Am 13 Feb 2005 um 1:13 hat G. Nau geschrieben:

> IB_Edit and descendants do not support:
> *Delete key function (deleting chars right of the cursor; backspace is
> working)
> *Overwrite editing mode (only working in insert mode)
> Is that correct?
> Any code snippets available to enhance that functions?
I have to correct myself: Delete is supported (my problem is digged in my
form and keyup/down methods, I'm searching it at the moment).

okay, so the question left is:
are there any code snippets for IB_Edit descendants available?
I've found some ideas for standard TEdit in the Internet. This doesn't look
that complicated, except that it's normally bound to a boolean variable
globally defined on the form "InsertOn" or similar.