Subject Re: [IBO] Aliases on local connections IB_SQL
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Helen,

Thanks for confirming that it worked on your system, it made
me certain that something was wrong on mine even though I
could not see it.

Here is what it turned out to be...

On my development machine I run FB as an application so that I
can switch back and forth between versions (as applicable for
the specific project, and for testing reasons).

To do this I have little batch files and replace gds32.dll and
fbclient.dll in my path with versions applicable to what I am
using - and also call instreg.exe to update the registry to
match the currently running version.

I had thought this was all working, however some version of
Firebird (I think it was one of the 1.5 RC releases) created an
entry under localmachine\Software called FirebirdSQL and this
seemed to be blocking the v1.5.2 instreg from doing its update.

When I removed the old registry key the v1.5.2 instreg.exe call
created the "Firebird Project" entry and suddenly everything is
working, even the messagefile problems I reported on the
fb-support list!


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing