Subject Re: [IBO] Please help me
Author james_027
> Yes. You will also get the InsertSQL prepared if you scroll a live
> past EOF.
What do you mean by live dataset? I dont have my RequestLive property
set to True.

> If you don't want a live dataset at all, don't set XXXSQL properties
> don't set RequestLive true.
> If you want to have it so that you can decide whether it will be
live or
> not, according to some run-time conditions, then set the properties
of the
> linking IB_Datasource to suit your needs. Look at CanModify,
AutoEdit and
> AutoInsert.

> Alternatively, just set the RequestLive and xxxSQL properties of the
> dataset at run-time, as required.

> Going by some of your earlier confused posts about the way dataset
state is
> automated.....where you want some users to be able to update
datasets while
> others can't - define a Boolean property of the form or datamodule
that can
> be set at connection time to condition what specific users/roles are
> allowed to do. Assuming you use roles, or you set up user
privileges with
> enough granularity, your code can read this property at any time and
> decisions according to its value.

How do i do this? That IBO will know what previlidges are allow to the

Thanks a lot Helen.