Subject Re: [IBO] Most efficient way to fetch next alphabetical row
Author Lester Caine
terriertech wrote:

> --- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
>>OK What are you actually using to search?
>>I'm using incremental search on 200k tables and the response is
> FAST. So
>>what are you using that is slow?
> Lester, I posted the SQL and skeleton code in my original post. That
> showed I am using a TIB_Cursor with MaxRows set to 1. If information
> relevant to the problem was omitted from the original post, I will be
> happy to provide it; please state specifically what else is needed.

Do you have two indexes on that field? - ASC and DESC
If you are relying ( as you are ) on the server to do most of the work,
then it may need help. IBO get's a lot of it's speed by caching the data
and only reading when necessary. Your trying to bypass that, while I use
the 'horizontal refinement' that speeds up incremental search to do the
work. In my case both previous and next names may already be buffered so
you can step up or down fast.

Lester Caine
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