Subject Re: [IBO] Most efficient way to fetch next alphabetical row
Author terriertech
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> I think you need to have a look at 'incremental search'. This will do
> most of what you want without requiring you to write anything extra.
> I use two fields for the names. FORENAME and SURNAME, and just display
> them concatenated - SURNAME || ',' || FORENAME
> Then I can sort by SURNAME, FORENAME this just ensures that the
> are grouped, followed by the forenames.

Thanks for your reply. However, this is not a valid solution for us
for three reasons.

1. I do not believe this issue is related to the SQL execution speed,
since it works FAST using IBX. Even if I just search for the last
name, the improvement in speed using IBO is marginal.

2. In many cases, we have fields that we need to do the same thing
for, but cannot be logically separated for an incremental search.
Example: business names or driver license numbers.

3. The DB structure with first/last name in one field is already
deployed, and conversion of customers' legacy systems is not really
justified (a mixture of IBO/IBX would cause less disruption and is
certainly a solution we are considering).

My own feeling is that this is some type of buffering issue, which I
thought would be solved using MaxRows, but apparently isn't.