Subject BUG: ib_grid causes to trigger insert internally or a problem with permission
Author james_027
i have a master detail setup where in the user that logs in has all
the priviledge on the master table and only select priviledge on the
detail table. what happen is that when I open both dataset an error
says I dont have insert/write permission on the detail table but iam
not perfoming any insert on the detail table. I have all the
necessary permission granted to the user to be able to open the detail
table. In fact I have open the table using ibexpert.

here are some discoveries i have after trying many things just to find
out the problem but no solution yet.

1. when i remove the insertsql in the detail dataset the error didn't
appear anymore but i can't do this since this is the same form used by
the user with all the priviledge on both master and detail table

2. when i detach the ib_grid on the datasource of the detail table
this error didn't appear even i have the insertsql in the detail table

is this a bug? is there any workaround? thank