Subject Re: TIBOquery and FilterRecord
Author rlssv
> Release notes?
Exactly !

> Anyway, whether or not there is "something there" it's really hard
to get a
> handle on your problem if you don't provide an example of what you
> and what you get. I mean - the actual handler code - what you
expect to
> happen and what actually happens that doesn't fit your

In general you're right - of course. But here it is as simple as: The
eventhandler is not called or activated or executed!
So what I expect is that my eventhandler is called and it is not !
The actual contents of the handler doesn't matter - In my last test
it simply was:

ShowMessage("Filterrecord called");

which never showed up.

In this case - just for now - it happened that I could reformulate
the filtering to use the filter property instead.
But I might have to use OnFilterRecord later and/or somewhere else.

And my initial question in my first post regarding this was:
"Is this issue corrected ?"

René / SSV