Subject Re: [IBO] Running total column
Author Eyal
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> A more useful way is to write a selectable stored procedure that
> outputs the running total as an actual output field. If you have
> Firebird Book, you can find an example on pp. 625-627.
> Take care to write such a SP so that the search parameters you would
> pass in a WHERE clause to a regular DSQL query are received as input
> arguments to the SP call.


Thanks for the reply.

Actually I already use a stored procedure in exactly the way you
suggest. However it became a monster because it has to take care of
parametrized WHERE, ORDER BY, some JOINS and a few other things. And
it's still not finished... every week I need to add something so it
gets worse. That's why I was looking for another solution.

Speaking of your book - is it available for purchase as a PDF or some
other electronic form?