Subject Re: TIBOquery and FilterRecord
Author paulfilmer
--- In, "rlssv" <rene@s...> wrote:
> Why is filterrecord not called for a filtered TIBOQuery ?
> I am using 4.5 Ad
> René /SSC

I noticed this in 4.5Af. It was due to a bug in the tree structure
implementation. For the moment I have just commented out code in
IB_Components.pas to get it to work (see below). Apparantly Jason has
fixed this on the latest IBO release by disabling the tree structures
completely for a future IBO version.

My fixed code:

function TIB_BDataset.CheckRecordFilter( ARow: TIB_Row ): boolean;

function ParentIsExpanded(Node: PIB_Node): boolean;
*** left out code here to save space ***
Result := true;
(* Commented out until tree structure is fully implemented
-pdf 29/11/2004

if FIsTree and Assigned(ARow.RowNode) then
if (ARow.RowState <> rsNone) then
Result := (ARow.RowNode.Level = 0) or (rfVisible in
ARow.RowNode.RowFlags) or ParentIsExpanded(ARow.RowNode);
if (rfVisible in ARow.RowNode.RowFlags) then
ARow.RowNode.RowFlags := ARow.RowNode.RowFlags - [rfVisible];
if ( ARow.RowState <> rsNone ) and Assigned( FOnFilterRecord ) then
OnFilterRecord( ARow, Result );