Subject Re: [IBO] How to correctly change ordering without loosing current record?
Author G. Nau
exactly! That's it.
I was already looking at this, but the HLP didn't look that confident,
that it might solve my problem...
"The addition to the Dataset of scrolling and buffering capability at
this level is going to change the default behavior for this property."
A little more description would be helpful for a lot of properties within
the IBO components, but that's a different story.

Problem solved and I'm happy,
thank you

Am 8 Feb 2005 um 13:45 hat Florian Hector geschrieben:

> G√ľnter,
> take a look at the RefreshAction of the underlying Query. If you set it to
> raKeepDataPos, the active record will not change upon reordering.
> Florian