Subject Re: [IBO] IBOQuery: How to create TField for selected fieldsat runtime?
Author tre955
--- In, Chuck Belanger <phytotech@l...> wrote:
> Do you think I should be adding the code to a BeforePrepare event?
or will the
> AfterPrepare event still work.

I really can't help here, I don't use any of the TDataSet descendants.
I take a similar approach to yours, creating all instances of the
components at run time. For queries I use TIB_Cursor, and copy the
result set to a kbmMemTable, sitting in the form the query belongs to.
Any changes made will be taken care with the help of stored
procedures, either for the whole dataset or on a record by record basis.

If your major goal is to avoid cluttering datamodules with lots of
components, this may be an easier way to do it.