Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with TIBOQuery
Author Daniel Rail

At February 2, 2005, 12:37, Hans wrote:

> Well, instead of rewriting existing software and included packages, when
> converting from BDE to IBO, don't you think it is more practical to offer at
> least all BDE functions at hand and have them functioning like you have a
> local dataset?

When converting an application from Paradox/BDE to FB/IB using IBO,
there might be a some adaptation in your code for certain
circumstances. I've never seen a 100% easy conversion for applications
that are using some complex queries and/or uses reserved SQL keywords,
that was my experience a few years ago. And, since then, the
application has seen some major changes, i.e.: replacing TIBOTable
with TIBOQueries that only returns the rows and columns that are

> BTW. TIBOTable is missing FlushBuffers function too.

FlushBuffers is specific to the BDE, it's used to flush the BDE buffer
to disk. There's nothing equivalent in FB/IB API.

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