Subject Re: TIBOTable.Insert then Edit
Author kgdonn
OK, I have a support issue now. I've done a lot of playing around and
reading and found that setting KeyLinks has a very positive effect on
my problem. The table I was accessing doesn't have a primary key, but
it does have a unique index (and I realize this sounds like the
rankest amateurism, but this decision was made a long time ago for
reasons that aren't quite as idiotic as it may seem). I gather that
IBO would have behaved much better if my table had had a primary key.
I haven't been able to find any clear documentation, however,
explaining how to use KeyLinks w/r/t TIBOTable. What I finally
decided to try was a single key field name to a line without anything
else - no equal sign, no table name. That seemed to work fine for an
index with a single field, but is it the correct use of KeyLinks and
will it work with a compound key, i.e. with a compound key, should
KeyLinks have one key field name per line with nothing else?

Thanks again!