Subject Re: [IBO] IBO UpdateBar button images and hints
Author Antti Kurenniemi
I could really use a bit help with this, especially the buttons in
IBUpdateBar (I think I can figure out the hints by myself), so just in case
my initial message was lost in more important issues (it's not a major
problem but I'd still like to "solve" it), I'll re-raise the message here,
only this once: I still would like to know if/how to supply disabled look
images to the IBUpdateBar? I have a set of glyphs made by a designer, and
the UpdateBar works like a champ in my app in every other respect, except
for the blank disabled buttons when I'm using my own glyphs. Any ideas? Any
suggestions - like, are other people using some other button bar, perhaps
their own thingamajick or something like that?

Antti Kurenniemi

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Subject: [IBO] IBO UpdateBar button images and hints

> Howzat all.
> I'm playing with the IBUpdateBar, and need a bit more help or a pointer to
> some good reading: I figured out how to set the button images, but is it
> possible / how can I set grayed/disabled images for the buttons? As it is
> now, the buttons (with the "flat" look) are just empty when they're
> disabled, which is a bit daft.
> Also, I was able to set some of the hint texts but not all of them - is
> there more information available for this, namely how to set the hints for
> the "Post edits" and "Cancel edits" hint texts? Are these documented
> somewhere where I just haven't looked?
> TIA,
> Antti Kurenniemi