Subject RE: [IBO] Offline use of IB_Query with CachedUpdates
Author Jason Wharton
Unfortunately this is one of IBO's current weak points. In IBO version 5
(don't ask when) I plan to allow the connection handle to be released and
obtained again as necessary which will mean IBO has to be tolerant of the
connection going away and coming back. As it stands, this isn't really a
strength of IBO because I've designed it primarily as a client/server
toolset rather than a briefcase toolset. There's no reason I cant have it
doing both well, it all just takes time.

My opinion is, however, if a briefcase model is what you are after, you
should look at a solution like ASTA or MIDAS or some other 3 tier system
where you use IBO in the middle layer.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Offline use of IB_Query with CachedUpdates
> Is it possible to use IB_Query with CachedUpdates when not connected
> to a database?
> I'm using IB_Query with CachedUpdates turned on to simulate a memory
> dataset that's compatible with the Native IBO Controls. I am
> currently creating a query that returns no rows and has the fields I
> want, then opening the query and inserting and manipulating my non-
> database data, cancelling updates when finished.
> When using IB_Query like this, the only database access is to
> prepare and execute my query - neither of which I really want to
> do. What I want is to be able to define and instatiate the fields
> directly, bypassing the database. This would let me use the IB_Query
> when not connected and also hopefully simply the process of field
> creation. So far my experiments with directly accessing the
> bufferfields have not been successful.
> Any insight into IBO's internals that would allow me to do this
> would be much appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Shawn Zilbert