Subject RE: [IBO] IB native wrapper available for TRichView?
Author Jason Wharton
Where does the TRickView control come from?
It may be possible to make it a standard component.
At this point I suggest you follow the same pattern as was used to make
TIB_RichEdit or just work with the OnDataChage and OnStateChange events of
the TIB_DataSource to make it data aware.


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> Am 6 Dec 2005 um 21:36 hat Thomas Steinmaurer geschrieben:
> > There is a component called TIB_RichEdit which comes with
> IBObjects.
> > Have you tried that?
> >
> Yes, there's even an enhanced version somewhere in the addon
> directory. But the customer is requesting more textprocessing
> features and RichView is a really good tool.
> Although it supports a Tdataset component, my application is
> already native IB_dataset and I'd like to replace the TIB_RichEdit
> with a native IB_RichView.
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> Gunther