Subject RE: [IBO] Can't type anything on TIB_LookupCombo
Author Jason Wharton
For the IB_LookupCombo the SearchingLinks property is optional, as it has
some interesting effects of its own. However, the OrderingItems and
OrderingLinks properties are essential.

Jason Wharton

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> >Good morning, friends.
> >I'm using Delphi 7, Firebird 1.5 and IBO 4_5_B.
> >I know this problem is not complicated at all for an expert.
> >But I am almost a beginner with IBO and I've been trying for a long
> >long time to solve it - really for many many weeks :-( -
> comparing it
> >with IBO's samples, searching for similar questions on Forum, etc
> >unfortunately with no success.
> >I realy need some help, please.
> >Project has a Form, 2 TIB_Query, and a TIB_Grid with a
> TIB_LookupCombo.
> >Everithing works fine, including selecting a line from
> TIB_LookupCombo
> >with mouse.
> >The ONLY PROBLEM is: I can't type anything on TIB_LookupCombo, so I
> >can't select an item by typing something, the only way to do it is
> >scrolling over drop down list (this way it works fine); but this is
> >quite a problem when there are a lot of itens in the list.
> >I've posted 49 Kb project in file's area.
> >I will be very grateful for some help to solve it.
> For incremental searching, IBO has to know what it's working
> with!! The
> property for this is the SearchingLinks of the lookup
> dataset, which has to
> be "prepped" by setting OrderingItems and OrderingLinks that
> can be used by
> the incremental search.
> OK, here goes:
> 1. Remove the ORDER BY clause from the lookup query's SQL (for inc.
> searching to work, the dataset has to be able to set its own ordering)
> 2. Click on the lookup set's query object on the form to
> bring up the
> Fields editor.
> 3. Go to the Ordering tab and do as follows:
> a) In the OrderingItems panel, type NOME=cid_nome;cid_nome
> b) In the OrderingLinks panel, type cid_nome=1
> c) In the SearchingLinks panel, type cid_nome=cid_nome
> 4. Click Apply and OK to close the Fields Editor.
> 5. In the Object Inspector, go to the OrderingItem property
> and change the
> value 0 to 1.
> 6. Then go to the datasource for the lookup dataset and set
> its AllowFocus
> property to True (to enable the control to be tabbed into)
> 7. Now run it. You will find now that incremental searching is
> enabled. Type 'P' on Salvador and the value instantly
> changes to 'Paris'.
> Helen