Subject Re: IBO over D2006???
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
One of my workmates recently received his copy of Delphi 2006 and
today he asked me when IBO components for D2006 would be ready - he
had problems getting them to show up in the IDE. I checked this list,
but the only thing I found was this unanswered question from November
23. So does anyone (Jason/Helen?) have a clue approximately when IBO
for Delphi 2006 will be ready?


--- In, "cgar1136" wrote:
> At what date will we have a D2006 version of IBO??
> We will start some projects at the end of the next month and we are
> planning to develop over D2006, (the adquisition is made at this
> date just waiting the package) so i would like to develop over IBO
> because it have great performance in Delphi6 but for this case in
> particular we have to work in the last version, with D2005 i'd have
> some troubles and never can get IBO working properly, i wouldn't
> like to pass over this again...
> and by the way... could we have a "roadmap" of the future of
> IBObjects at the next year?? wich features will be implemented???...
> that could be great arguments for me to suggest the use of IBO on my
> teamwork...
> thanx in advance