Subject Re: [IBO] Master-Detail POST problem: REF0 is a required field
Author G. Nau
I've digged through your list and hints to identify the problem but failed. So i decided
to try the final method:
Delete both queries and recreate them from scratch.
Now it's working on inserts.
So it looks like I'd completely fubar'ed the old query properties.


Am 28 Nov 2005 um 8:59 hat Helen Borrie geschrieben:

> At 04:23 PM 27/11/2005 +0100, you wrote:
> >I'm wokring on this problem for a while now, maybe somebody here
> >on the list can give me a hint ...
> >
> >In a master-detail relationship of IB_Queries, I'm always getting the
> >error "REF0 is a required field" when I try to post an insert to the
> >detail table.
> >But the values of the detail set are all set...
> Send more information, such as:
> =========================================
> What are the primary keys of the master and the detail?
> What is the foreign key of the detail?
> Tell us your actual settings for:
> ---the Mastersource and Masterfields properties of the detail.
> ---the Keylinks property of the detail
> ---any custom SQL for the detail's DML (InsertSQL)
> Tell us how the value of Ref0 is being assigned.
> Any other settings in either dataset that might be relevant, e.g. ReadOnly,
> GeneratorLinks
> Place a monitor into your app and show us the output produced when you post
> the detail.
> =========================================
> >Here's a short test probedure I use to check the critical values and
> >submit a post:
> >
> > With IB_Query_AAW_Rechnung do //that's the detail query
> > Begin
> > allocconsole;
> > writeln('AAW_Rechnung.ref0:',fieldbyname('ref0').asinteger);
> >//FK to the master dataset
> > writeln('AAW_Rechnung.ref :',fieldbyname('ref').asinteger);
> >//PK of the detail table; generation definied for this in the
> >IB_connection
> > if Modified then Post; //<- this is failing with REF0 is a required
> >field
> > End;
> >The Writeln shows, that both values are set in the dataset
> >AAW_Rechnung.ref0:71896
> >AAW_Rechnung.ref :25894
> ==========================================================
> This at least says that something is happening to null out Ref0 during the
> Post sequence. The question is: what? What immediately comes to mind is
> that Ref0 is not, on its own, the primary key, but is part of a composite
> primary key on the detail table; and/or that possibly the master has a
> composite primary key that is not fully linked from the detail's Masterfields.
> Helen
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