Subject Re: [IBO] Two or more tables...
Author Marcelo Machado
Dear Helen,

Yes, but it doesn't still work...


Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
At 10:13 PM 3/12/2005 -0800, you wrote:

>Marcelo Machado <machado6655@...> wrote: Sorry...
> Well...
> Example:
> I have...
> [table PACIENTE with a codigo_PK]
> [table PATOLOGIA with a chave_PK and codigo_FK ( codigo_FK = codigo_PK
> of table PACIENTE)]
> 1 tib_connection
> 1 tib_transaction
> 1 PACIENTEtib_query and 1 PACIENTEtib_datasource (points to table PACIENTE)
> 1 PATOLOGIAtib_query and 1 PATOLOGIAtib_datasource (points to table
> I put the fields of PACIENTEtib_datasource (datasource control
> generator) and
> the fields of PATOLOGIAtib_datasource (datasource control generator)
> in the aplication;
> ( in the masterlinks of PATOLOGIAtib_query i put
> PATOLOGIA.codigo_FK=PACIENTE.codigo_PK )
> When i execute the aplication, only the fields of table PACIENTE works.

You also have to set the Mastersource property of PATALOGIA - select the
datasource that points to the dataset PACIENTE.

Make sure you also set correct Keylinks for each dataset.


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