Subject RE: [IBO] I'm home now
Author Jason Wharton

> > Just thought I'd let everyone know I have returned home
> > safe and sound from
> > the conference and my stopover in Chile. Had a wonderful
> > time in the south
> > of Chile in the wild Patagonia. Breathtaking beauty all
> > around in those parts...
> Glad you made it back in one piece!
> Did you get to the vulcano?

Yes, we were 4x4 driving on some really fun roads better called trails on a
very large volcano with an excellent view of a neighbor volcano. Neither is
active of course. We were east of Puerto Montt in the area of the Ensenada
village. The scenery was breathtaking to say the least. I tried to do some
hiking too but the vegetation was so thick it was nearly impossible to get
anywhere. In some places we were going through bamboo by bending it over
and walking on it. We had no idea how high up above the ground we were in
places. Probably not too much but it was a very strange experience. We
spent a week at a hot springs resort while making trips out to an island
where my interests were and that was a lot of fun too. The food and service
there were premium and the adventure during the day was unforgettable. The
island we were visiting was a very wild place with a lot of water
everywhere. Truly an unforgettable experience.