Subject Re: [IBO] Why should you come to the Firebird conference next year.
Author Artur Anjos
Harvey R Shaw wrote:

>I'd like to point at that while looking to attend the conference, there was no program available as late as late September, I believe it was, or perhaps even into October. I think a few of use from my company could have attended, but we could hardly present the case to our manager without having more to offer than - "we'd like to attend a Firebird conference" without having a bit more substance. In other words the program needs to be available much sooner.
I had the same problem, since I work for a big company - everything
should be "in the budget" many months before.
What I did was simple: I present the program from last two conferences,
as an example of what we can expect from it.
This was enough for administration to put this Conference on the budget
for every year.