Subject RE: [IBO] Community Web Server
Author Jason Wharton
It seems as if you are attempting to mock here. Please clarify what you

As far as I'm aware the community server has been working just fine once the
new DNS entry took effect. I did forget to make another setting in my
credit card gateway to recognize the new referring URL but I got that fixed
quickly when I was notified. If there is anything else that is a problem
please share details.

Jason Wharton

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> Worked only for one day .. lol
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> > My network change-over is now complete and the DNS entries have been
> > reconfigured for my new public IP for the community
> website. For the time
> > being if you want access to the community site use the direct IP of
> > and it should work just fine until the
> router tables
> > are reset with the new IP.
> >
> > Jason Wharton
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