Subject [IBO] Re: TIB_Session management
Author kgdonn
Thanks, Hans, for your input. I'm going to research this more, but
I can't reconcile your statements below with the quote I gave from
the documentation: "By default, each new thread will automatically
generate its own component session." This states very clearly that
each thread will create its own session, not use a single one. I'm
going to set up some tests and trace the code to confirm whether it
does this and I'll post back my findings.


--- In, Hans <hhoogstraat@s...> wrote:
> I understand from past discussions that each Thread must have its
> Session.
> TIBOTable and TIBOQuery at first instance create a default
session, unless
> directed other wise, all threads will use the same defailt session.
> So create a trhread with a Session and then set TBOTable-
>IB_Session to
> the thread's IBOSession, simply using the assignment TIBOTable-
>IB_Session =
> TIBOSession
> (the thread's) The owner in each thread of all IBOTables,
TIBOQueries and
> Transactions
> must be each threads own session.