Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Datapump
Author SUPER Safra - CPD
Ola estou com um problema poderia me ajudar.
Instalei o IBO 4.5 no delphi 2005 e esta dando problema ele esta instalando as dpls em outros lugar!!

O que eu fa├žo pois instalei no Delphi 7 e deu tudo certo.

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From: Robert martin
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Subject: [IBO] IB_Datapump


We use an IB_Datapump to copy data from one table to another. Usually
these are the same structure but if not the datapump seems to handle it
fine. However we have one table where we have the following situation.

Source Table

SerlNumRef BigInt NOT NULL,
TransRef BigInt NOT NULL,

CPK is SerlNumRef, TransRef

Dest Table is

SerialMovRef Bigint NOT NULL,
SerlNumRef BigInt,
TransRef BigInt,

SerialMovRef is the New PK and has a trigger that fills it in if null.

However the DataPump fails on this. Is there a setting I am missing or
is this type of datapump not possible?

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