Subject Re: ZLIB error when compiling IBO project
Author Stephen Boyd
--- In, "Roberto Freitas"
<solanofreitas@t...> wrote:
> When Installing IBO and compiling all projects, I've got this error
> message on package IBO40VRT_D7 line 73:
> [Error] IBO40VRT_D7.dpk(73): Package 'rtl' already contains
> unit 'ZLib'
> That line 73 is
> ZLIB in 'ZLIB.pas';
> There is a naive solution - to comment this source line - and it
> works, but perpahs it's not the proper solution.
> What is the appropriate detailed solution for this?

I don't know if this is the proper solution, but I renamed the zlib
unit to zlib_ibo4 and changed all references to zlib to reference
zkib_ibo4. That way at least if IBO uses a different version of zlib
than rtl then you will get the 'correct' version.