Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid settings
Author Alan McDonald
> I have a requestlive query attached to an IB_Grid with the
> datasource set to
> autoedit.
> What settings are required to make the grid NOT automatically allow edits,
> but to respond to the navigate ngF2Edit option key?
> I'm trying to safeguard accidental edits but I don't want to chase myself
> around in circles making the edit via menu option etc.
> regards
> Alan McDonald

When gnF2ToggleEditor is set True.
When any editing key is pressed (e.g. alpha keys in an alpha field) in the
grid, the key presses are appended automatically onto the end of the field
(nothing in the help file warned me about this)
Anyway - I need a way for key presses to not edit at all... and F2 to turn
the dataset into dssedit.
setting datasource to autoedit.False does not give F2 this ability - it's
never editable..
hmmm, there must be a way...